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Comfort Design Studio was created to satisfy all your design needs. We will take care of your space, and listen to your every need, and we’ll make it outstanding. We will address every aspect of your project: architectural, interior design, custom furniture, fabrics, color palettes, and art.


We are committed to serve you and give you our best: a space so well designed that will be translated into a successful business.

"Life is Architecture and architecture is the mirror of life”

I.M. Pei


Judith Arroyo

Senior Principal


​Judith has extensive experience in both commercial and residential design,  interior design and project management.  Some of her projects include The Bistrot San Angel, The Bauhaus Club, Arpeggio Night Club, Mint Club, Moran 112, Parrilla San Miguel,  Toronjos Residential Condominium, and  La Calle Tacos & Cantina, Hefé Nightclub and the prestigious Penthouse Club in Houston.

Judith graduated on the top 5 of her class and obtained a BA in Architecture from La Salle University and The University of Arizona. 

Before founding CODE Judith was the VP of design for Decore More Studio  (Houston TX), and AMB Arquitectos in Mexico city. 

Judith describes herself as Taco Connoiseur, Soccer mom, Coffee junkie, and dog whisperer. Her  favorite animal is a penguin.  

sunil code (1).png

Native New Yorker, Sunil is the COO of  RBJH Holdings LLC "Innovation in Entertainment" His level of expertise in Restaurant and bars operations is unparalleled.  Sunil is responsible for all of the company's worldwide sales and operations, including end-to-end management of all the restaurants and clubs owned by the company. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Sunil has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, Restaurant and Bar systems and POS (including managing inventories), quality control, kitchen design, and customer service. 

Favorite food: Anything that he cooks

Favorite Band: Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Gudnana

Sunil Abraham


Operation & Logistics


Barbara Romano

Barbara  joined CODE in 2019, charged with the task of keeping all the plates spinning. She has developed her organizational and creative prowess through  years of , management and assistance on commercial and industrial video work. Additionally, she has created advertising, promotional programs and social media campaigns for small businesses. Barbs provides overall project management, and serves as a conduit to ensure a smooth flow of operations with  our clients.

Favorite food: Rissotto

Favorite Band: The Beatles

Hair coloring junkie and Harry Potter expert. 

Customer Care PR &

Social Media Manager


Eldon Smith

Eldon Smith has a PHD in Toxicology and Chemistry. But his true passion is design. He is our  expert in fabrics and color coordination, transforming every space that  he works with, into a masterpiece. 

Eldon has worked with CODE as a consultant and has an extensive portfolio of clients in The Woodlands and Carlton Woods. 

His designs have been portrayed in magazines such as Viva The Woodlands, Elle Decor and Interior Digest.

Eldon is an excellent baker, has two gorgeous English Mastiffs: Starla and Armand, and his favorite place is Disney World.  

Fabrics & Couture



Victor Monteon

MEP Specialist

Having multiple skyscrapers projects under his sleeve, Victor came to CODE in 2017. Judith and Victor met during their college years.  After graduating they both founded AMB architects, where they designed several multifamily buildings and offices.  Victor has a BA in architecture, and he is a specialist in MEP design for our projects.


Favorite Record: The Phantom of the Opera

Favorite food: Bacon Cheese Burger and Venti Chai Latte 

pato code.png

Alex Herrera

Alex is a fundamental part of our team. He takes care of all the technology-related aspects of operating a Club. He works together with engineering functions, reviews, and updates infrastructure and application designs based on solid engineering principles and has the ability to incorporate local, enterprise, and strategic requirements into the designs and produces optimal networks for your business. Before working with CODE, Alex was a Senior Engineer at CISCO systems.  

Alex loves dogs and makes friends with all of them but he is not a  pet owner. There is never a dull moment around him. He will always make you laugh.

Favorite food: Green Mole

Favorite spot in the world: Poland

Network Architecture and Design solutions

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